People tell you that your 20’s are some of the best times in your life. And they can be.  But they also can be full of stress! The 20’s are full of change, choices and challenges.  You are responsible in a way that you haven’t been before.  Often you are choosing a career direction, a person to be a life partner, where you will live, and much more!  This is often when things like Depression, Anxiety and other mental health conditions crash the party. (who invited them?)  There are lots of life hacks that can help you to deal with Depression in your 20’s and greatly reduce it or just “Show it to the Door” completely.  Here are 10 tips that are worth trying.

  1. Exercise: I know, exercise is probably the LAST thing you want to think about when you are depressed! But it has many benefits. For one thing, it gets you off the couch eating Cheeto’s.  Don’t worry, they’ll be there when you get back! Go for a walk, or if you prefer run.  If your experiencing a cold snap like we are in Minnesota, walk up and down the stairs in your house or apartment building.  Anything that will get your heart rate up and give you a burst of energy.  If you are a wheelchair user like me, make it a wheel or put on an exercise DVD.  This will not only get you up and moving, it will get some of your happy chemicals in your brain moving.  This is a plus for a better mood.
  1. Eat something healthy: If you tend to forget about eating totally or tend to call those Cheeto’s a vegetable because they look like carrots, substitute some REAL carrots.  Don’t forget it is important to eat regularly.  Sometime your body being weak or your head being foggy, from lack of regular food can just feed into your Depression by mimicking some of the symptoms normally felt when you are Depressed.  If you eat regularly, (but not too regularly) can make your body feel stronger and fight off some of those feelings of Depression.
  1. Keep up your Self Care routine: If you currently are working with a therapist or taking medications, make sure you keep that up.  If you need to set reminders on your phone or the kitchen timer, to remind you to take your meds, do it.  It’s better than letting your daydreaming make you forget your meds.
  1. If the weather allows, get outside: Nature has a way of giving you energy.  Take up an outdoor hobby such as gardening, watching the kids in the park, or walking or biking or wheeling  to encourage some outdoor activity.
  1. Reach out to Friends: Call or text a friend or loved one to chat.  You don’t have to get into details of your Depression, just let them know you wanted to talk and focus on happy memories.
  1. Find something to laugh at (or with): Talk with a friend about a funny memory. Happy memories can remind you that the bad times aren’t forever and reaching out to a friend reminds you that you are not alone.
  1. Watch a funny show. (the sillier the better).  Now’s not the time for a Lifetime Movie.  Try something on Comedy Central or for a fond memory, Nick at Nite.
  1. Play a game that makes you laugh. Sharing time with family or friends enjoying a good laugh may get your mood headed in the right direction.
  1. Watch babies doing cute things. If you don’t have any cute babies at home, Google “CUTE BABIES” and you be sent to websites showing cute babies. I dare you to watch it for 5 minutes and not crack a smile. The best part is you don’t have to keep them when they get fussy!
  1. Try Meditation: If you are feeling stress with your Depression, try listening to some quiet music and meditate about where you’d like to go for your next vacation. Best thing…it’s Free!  If you go to YouTube and type Meditations, you’ll find a selection of meditations to try.  Keep searching until you find one that gets you in a happier mood.


These tips are for educational use only.  If you are feeling more Depressed than normal reach out to a trained professional.  If you are feeling like hurting your self or suicide, call 911 or go to the Emergency Department at your closes hospital.

If you are working with a therapist, reach out to that person if none of these activities improves your mood.  If you are in need of a therapist, feel free to reach out to Emerging Adult Counseling at 651-401-3218 and make an appointment for a Consultation or schedule on our secure online portal at  Select Sue Smith under the list of providers.  In an emergency always call 911.

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