Emerging Adult Counseling specializes in working with young adults 17-29. These young adults have needs related to moving from adolescence to adulthood. Needs revolve around the life changes and choices that they are making (or not making) during this time of their life. These might include such things as the move from high school to college, the work world and/or living away from parents.  We also help emerging adults who may be “stuck” and not moving forward in their life.  Through needs assessment Sue Smith can help the client identify goals he or she would like to achieve and identify obstacles to meeting them.  Obstacles such as fear of failure, fear of success, lack of knowledge and experience, are addressed with skills training and cohort groups for College Students, Career Explorers as well as social activities are also available to supplement Individual Counseling for personal issues and mental health conditions.

More information on issues related to Emerging Adulthood can be found here.


Depressive Disorders are commonly seen in many Emerging Adults. Focusing on treatment strategies that are effective emerging adults. If you experience motivational, affective, and behavioral effects of Major Depression, Bipolar Depression, Panic Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other depressive disorder, I understand the havoc they can play on your goals for the future. to help the young adult better understand these conditions as well as how to reduce the effects of the symptoms on developing with maturing into adulthood. In cases where counseling and interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapies ore insufficient we connect clients to providers to explore medication evaluation.


Anxiety Disorders and related conditions are the most commonly seen disorders seen in Emerging Adults. Often seen along with Depressive disorders. Emerging Adult Counseling can help you better understand and cope with the interaction of these two conditions. Through therapy you can learn strategies to reduce your anxiety and explore different ways of thinking about things that can help to reduce or eliminate your anxiety.


If your son or daughter is an Emerging Adult, you may realize that your relationship is different now. We can help you look at creating communication and systems that work best for the changes your family is experiencing.