Support Groups

CRUISE To College, Career and Independent Living with our CRUISE Support Groups! CRUISE stands for Creating Readiness Using Interactive Supportive Experiences and that’s what makes our support groups so popular! All Groups will consist of the following components


Cruise to Success Support Groups

The Cruise to Success Support Groups are designed to help you know what to expect from your transitions and make plans to be successful.
We take some of the seriousness out of starting college, career or living independently by using a fun cruise theme to explore the transition to these new experiences.
We support you from application through your first months during your transition.

CREATING–You and the group CREATE the group topics based on your interests and needs

READINESS— You will be ready for what the your future holds for you whether that starting college, starting a new career or learning to live independently through support from your Group Cohort AND CRUISE Classes presented by experts in College Life, Money management, Finding your First Apartment, Resume Writing, Job Search Skills, Managing Mental Health, on the Job, and More!

USING INTERACTION–By interacting with others you will discover new ideas, skills and perspectives.

SUPPORT— You will have plenty of support from group members, community experts in topics you choose and from me, Sue Smith!

EXPERIENCES–Practice Skills learned in the group so you feel comfortable in the Real World!


Supports you as you prepare to attend college or a training program and while in we have at college by helping you learn skills to be successful!
Topics Include:

Join us as we dive into the college experience with both feet!
We will explore all your questions before you head out to
college and make sure you get a great start!
During your first semester, (and beyond if you choose)
you will meet with others taking the same plunge and give and
receive tips and support.

Sue Smith, your Counselor Facilitator will guide you through a variety of exercises
and activities to help you develop in areas where you need a little boost.
Group members will support each other and share tips from personal experience.


Supports you as you are choosing a career goal, discovering what you like and what you are good at. We will also explore what you need to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act as it Applies to Employees with Disabilities and/or Mental Health Disabilities.


DAY ONE: Getting Your Sea Legs: Self-Assessment

DAY TWO: Charting Your Course: Goal Setting

DAY THREE: Finding Your Compass and Map: Time Management

DAY FOUR: Learning the Language:
Learning the Language of College and Disability

DAY FIVE: Exploring Rules and Customs: Disability Laws and College

Day Six: The Deck Party: Summary and Celebration

and other related topics to make this a group popular among those starting or
contemplating starting college in the next semester or near future.

For more details and registration contact Sue Smith for an Introductory Appointment to determine if the group is a good fit for you and other resources offered that
to support your goals.


Planning to graduate college in the next year or so and
getting ready to head out to the work world? looking for work now?
The Cruise to Career Success will help you on your path to satisfying employment keeping in mind your special talents!


Day One: Getting your Sea Legs:

Day Two: Charting Your Course:
Goal Setting

Day Three: Finding Your Compass and Map:
Career Assessment

Day Four: Exploring Rules and Customs:
Disability Law and Employment

Day Five: Your Career Passport:
Resumes and Cover Letters

Day Six: Meet The Captain
Interviewing Skills

Each Cruise to Success Group includes a custom Cruise Guide and
Cruise Log to journal your experience and additional resources related to each transition. You’ll also have the opportunity connect with others online with your own chat room.

Many find it helpful to pair a group with individual counseling related to the
topic as it relates to your specific situation, disability and/or mental health condition.


Support Groups start on a Rolling Bases.
As soon as we have 6 people on the Waiting List ready to star we notify you and
we set a Start Date. We meet weekly with the exception of National Holidays
which are clearly listed in your Welcome packet.
Groups are for six weeks at an introductory price of $50.00
We are taking reservations for the Waiting List NOW.

Call today schedule your free phone or in person introductory appointment
to see if one of our groups are a good fit for you.
Or complete the Contact Form below if you would like more information.


This group supports Emerging Adults 18-29 as you move from adolescence into adulthood.
Do you feel that you know your stuff in the classes you took in high school but when it comes to Adulting Skills like making a budget, looking for an apartment, making friends in college or on the job or living with your parents as an adult you feel uncertain—maybe even lost?
This is a common occurrence for emerging adults as you become an adult. Where do you get support and information on these topics? The CRUISE TO ADULTING Support Group may be just the ticket.
Each week we will discuss a different challenge relating to Adulting. The group will support each other by practicing Adulting Skills and supporting each other in the challenge.
The first session you will get a chance to take the Adulting Readiness Inventory developed by Emerging Adult Counseling and as a group, decide which topics will be most useful to focus on during the remaining sessions of this six-week group.


If you are interested in one or both of the support groups, complete the Support Group Interest Form. When we have the minimum number of interested participants we will open the group registration up. Complete the form below to indicate interest. You will receive a follow up email with details of the groups start date and time when the group opens up for registration. During the Group Registration Period you will receive information on cost, time, day and all the details. Groups will meet weekly for six weeks. Then we’ll take a break and start the cycle again. (some of the topics will be the same but also some new ones will be added to accommodate repeaters.

overwelmed student with lots of books